Norma Walton (Norma Jean Walton) is a real estate investment executive and entrepreneur working and residing in Toronto, Canada. Norma Walton is the President and CEO of Rocket Property Ltd., a boutique-style, private equity real estate investment company that specializes in the acquisition of properties within the greater Toronto area with the goal of generating exceptional returns on investment.

The team Norma Walton leads at Rocket Property is able to adeptly reposition and develop undervalued or underutilized properties that are unwanted or forgotten about. Utilizing cautious and carefully crafted investment criteria, Rocket Property is able to maximize the investment opportunity associated with these properties.

Norma Walton has more than 15 years of experience investing in Toronto’s real estate industry and also leads a small team at Penny Lane Properties Inc., a residential and commercial real estate development company that purchases properties with the goal of revitalizing and renovating them for resale. Norma and her team at Penny Lane Properties have an extensive background on the real estate sector and bring that wealth of knowledge to each new real estate project.

Passionate about revealing the hidden potential in real estate, Norma enjoys overseeing projects that work to realize the beauty and potential in forgotten real estate. Norma Walton graduated from the University of Western Ontario and holds B.A., a J.D. of Law and an MBA in Business.  Following her graduation from the University of Western Ontario, Norma went on to build a few real estate companies in Ontario, developing an extensive knowledge of the real estate sector.

Aside from heading both Rocket Property Ltd. and Penny Lane Properties, Norma is also an asset manager at Blue Parrot Properties Ltd., another Toronto-based real estate asset management company.

Norma Walton, a devoted mother of four, also writes a popular blog about parenting and motherhood and a regularly-updated Tumblr blog.

Known for always being there to offer advice or words of encouragement, friends know they can depend on Norma when they need her. In her spare time, Norma enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends. She is also an avid walker and basketball player who enjoys shooting some hoops and taking her kids to the park.