The Founders

The Team

The Rocket team is comprised of Toronto residents and international investor partners.

 Left to right: Matthias, Marisa, and Norma

Left to right: Matthias, Marisa, and Norma

 Matthias Ohm
Chairman of the Board

Matthias has over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and has successfully started, developed, managed and sold three companies, two in Germany and one in Australia. Rocket Property is his latest obsession, next to his vintage cars: a 1967 Austin Healey and a 1970 Mercedes Pagoda.

Norma Walton
President and CEO

Norma has a B.A., a J.D. and an MBA all from the University of Western Ontario.  She has over 15 years of experience investing in Toronto’s real estate industry.  She loves to identify properties that have potential and then oversee the project plan to realize that potential.  When she is not working, she is either running after her four children or attempting to regain past glory playing basketball or volleyball.

Marisa De Luca
Vice President Marketing

Marisa is a marketing professional with an MBA. She has honed her skills over the years living and working in Canada, Japan, Australia and Germany. Currently Marisa divides her time between Germany and Canada and bridges the cultural gap between Rocket's Canadian and International interests. Her pastimes include golf and sailing.

John Rawlings

John is an engineer by training.  He has thirty years experience with the Ford Motor Company in a variety of management positions.  He has supervised 1700 individuals over his career and has completed construction of two $20 million dollar facilities and one $150 million facility for Ford.  He has personally successfully invested in Toronto real estate over the past 15 years.  When he is not working, he can be found tooling around in his Mustang convertible, fixing something, or playing with his grandkids.