Investment Strategy


Rocket Property Ltd. reviews potential acquisitions using prudent investment criteria which focus primarily on answering the following questions:

1) What is the overall risk of the investment?

2) What is the anticipated return on capital?

3) What is the expected return on equity?

4)What is the existing and the potential cash flow?

5) How good is the location and who would be attracted to that location?

6) What is the potential to create capital appreciation?

7)How can we increase returns if more efficient management is employed?

8) How much capital is required? 

We focus on investments where we can achieve one or more of the following: 

1)      Sever off excess land for redevelopment or create two or more parcels where now there is only one

2)  Subdivide the property into multiple units to create value

3)  Rezone the land to increase its value

4)  Renovate or add onto existing buildings to increase value

5)  Change the use of the buildings to increase value

6)  Change the tenant mix to increase value