Rocket invests in Ontario properties.

Our Core Competency

We specialise in identifying, acquiring, repositioning and developing undervalued or underutilized properties that others may overlook or may not have the expertise or the patience to develop. Every time we look at a property, we ask ourselves a few questions: 

Toronto CN Tower

1)  What is the property currently worth? 

2)  How does the property currently function? 

3)  What aspects of the property are broken or could be improved? 

4)  What is the property’s highest and best use? 

5)  Are the broken aspects of the property capable of being fixed? 

6)  Is the ultimate return worth the effort and expense involved in fixing the property? 

7)  What is the risk associated with purchasing and fixing the property?

With time, skill, a fresh perspective, experience and capital we take caterpillar properties and turn them into butterflies. This generally translates into significantly better than average returns. Most of our team either grew up in the greater Toronto area or has worked there for many years, having developed their careers and made business contacts there.  They thus know the culture and ways of doing business.


Returns on investment depend on many factors: 

1)  Rocket’s performance;

2)  The state of Toronto’s real estate market;

3)  The state of the Canadian real estate market;

4)  The interest rates on offer for real estate mortgage financing;

5)  Global economic performance and events; and

6)  Timing.